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Sunday, October 31, 2004  

Goooooooooood Mornin' New York!

It couldn't be a more gorgeous day for the end of October. I'm not a big Halloweeny sort, but what a nice night for the little ghouls and goblins (and children, too) to be out!

I think there will have to be a trip uptown to Central Park today to see what may be the last of the fall foliage. I was in Boston a couple of weeks ago and the train up along the coast was breathtaking. It got less colourful, however, as we drove back down south. Still, this is a lovely time of year and I for one am always a bit sad when it goes. I plow through summer to get to this part of the year and it always seems that it goes by way too fast and that it's over before I know it.

Off to get the papers and a coffee at Dunkin Donuts, and I may even treat myself to an apple cider donut!! Delish.

Not a cloud in the sky from my vantage point, ENJOY!!



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Saturday, October 30, 2004  

I know, I know. I'm a terrible hostess! My mother (aka The Hun) would be absolutely appalled at how I've treated you all, my guests!

It was suggested to me by a few readers (I can't imagine there are more than a few of you...but anyway) that I ought to post more often.

I think my last post was just after Labour Day, back when it was still 80 degrees. I'll tell you that I'm THRILLED, this is my season of the year...wonderful colours, wool sweaters, CASHMERE, suede...what more could a girl ask for???? Well...a lot actually.

It's been a busy and exhausting Autumn in Gothambookgirl's little world. So many books, so many crack-pot authors.

Allow me to share one in particular...A generally well-thought-of woman, she's written before and has a really good voice...quirky and a good turn of phrase. I admit to enjoying good banter in email early on in the project. She was sarcastic, a quality that this girl has in spades. (The Boy in fact, calls me Kevin Spacey sometimes when I'm terribly sarcy!) I digress. At any rate, she comes in to do some final work on photos and takes a look at the bound galleys of her book. She literally GOES APE-SHIT. She says there are egregious errors in the galley, that they were the worst she'd ever seen (she does some reviewing, too) and that she just couldn't continue with the project if they weren't fixed. Well an errata slip was nixed and she instead chose to hand-correct each and every one of the 250+ galleys there were in the office. I told her these were (and they are marked thusly) UNOCORRECTED PROOFS. So anyone with half a brain will figure out, that these are, in fact, uncorrected proofs. UGH. So she shows up the next day challenging me to stop her and I tell her to go ahead, but after nixing the help of an intern, that she is on her own. Yeah, like that could ever happen.

I had to get her lunch, go buy her new pens (the Sharpie's that I adore weren't good enough!!), two other colleagues got her coffee and tea...and she complained the entire time. Without ceasing!!! Add to this, she sends an email to her agent saying how incompetent and un-cooperative we were and complains that she had to work 7 hours (GASP) without lunch. HELLO...I had brought her lunch and others had brought refreshments, too. She then does a really classic passive-aggressive move on our Publisher saying...well I hope no one thought I was mad, I was only upset with myself. When I showed him the email she had sent from MY COMPUTER to her agent, he was furious.

Let's let it suffice to say that no good deed goes unpunished. She did however, add me to the acknowledgments, though I protested fairly vehemently! I had procured a lot of art for her and designed and advance reading it wasn't undeserved.

And what this has to do with my editorial careeer....NO ONE KNOWS.


Now to more important things...the election. For Pete's sake...both of you reading this, VOTE. I of course of you'll vote for MY candidate, but really, do exercise your voice and VOTE. Remember, if you don't vote, you can't complain. And who doesn't need to vent a little now and then?

It's London-ish weather here, and I'm lovin' does, however, render the Empire State Building invisible from my windows.

OH...and of course...the Red SOx!!! I do hope that since they've managed to undo an 86 year old curse that it bodes well for other things from Massachusetts, too...especially John Kerry!!! I'd like to think that it does.

Be well out there, enjoy the fall foliage out there in the's not going to be around much get out there an kick around some leaf piles like when we were children.

au revoir!!


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Monday, September 06, 2004  

Just when you thought I'd fallen from the face of the earth...

It's been terribly busy here in Gotham, what with Republicans visiting and venerating their idiot king. Still, things went pretty smoothly and from what I heard, Union Square was hoppin' most nights. I had to laugh because the opening night of the convention the ESB was yellow, and I was certain it was meant to say to the Republicans that they were bananas. I have no proof of this...but it makes a good deal of sense I think!

Oh well, summer is officially over and my favourite time of year is approcaching. I live all year for these next few months and I couldn't be happier to see the sun set a little earlier, to feel the nip in the air. *sigh*
It also means the end of summer Fridays and lunchtime movies. Yes, that's what we do in publishing, lunchtime trips to the cinema and Friday afternoons spent lunching at L'Express. It's a hard life, but someone must undertake these burdens!

Hmmm...I'm noticing that my nails are not dry enough to be typing, so I'll be back soon.

Hope y'all are fabulous!


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Thursday, January 29, 2004  

I really feel that with the lovely snow, and the quiet that envelopes the city during the winter, that I shouldn't launch into a full scale rant...but that's all just unfortunate--I NEED TO RANT.

Maybe some of you out there are familiar with what I've decided to call the Curse of Capability. It's a ruthless, merciless and relentless spell that can completely undo you.

Allow me to expound...It seems that over the last 6 months or so I've been given a lot of extra responsibility, larger tasks in addition to my regular editorial and other duties. I don't mind doing these things as I like to be a valuable member of a team and I like my work. It isn't even all that upsetting that I haven't received more $$$$ compensation for these extra duties (sure I'm not thrilled, but these days it's just good to have a good job!!) What bothers me, is that because I present myself as capable and willing, I get taken advantage of. SO BLATANTLY!!! And it isn't just work, it's relationships, family, everything.

At work I get extra duties because they know (a) I will get them done (b) that I believe in the book so I am a great champion for it. But some of these things I am doing ought to be done by another (fully staffed, I might add) department that whinges alot and makes noise that they have too much to do. So for my being capable and not a complainer...they end up getting relieved of duties they ought to be doing, and I end up with their work AND mine. Hmmmm...what's wrong with that picture????

In relationships...I have friend who are real ninnies. And I don't mean this in a mean way...they just don't seem to be able to do much for themselves. I on the other hand can manage most anything myself, maybe because I am an only child...I don't know. I'm also not very good at asking for help even when I do need it. That said, it seems that because again, I appear to be able to handle things (recent serious illnesses, family emergencies, etc) that everyone thinks I need no one to lean on. I never get to be weak or break into tears from sheer frustration. And it's the same with my family...there seems to be this attitude of "Don't worry, she can handle it. She's tough. She'll be fine". Well I'm not always fine, and I can't always just walk it off...ok? Things hurt me too, and I sometimes get tired of being the strong one. UGGHHHHHHHHHHHH. totally unattractive is that? I apologise, but I just had to see the words on paper so I didn't explode at someone and really make a mess. See I don't generally like messes, so I'm apt to take over just for the sake of order and peace, so I suppose I've brought this all on myself. I guess I just wish it wasn't sometimes so hard to be strong and independent...or at least to appear that way.

I stood outside on our balcony the night it snowed, and the city was so quiet. I could have been home in Minnesota and listening to the river next to my house as it gurgled and bubbled. (Yes, even in the winter I like fresh air and open windows...another sure sign I'm somehow unbalanced...but hey, where I'm from we build palaces of ice in the winter, so that tells you something!!) Anyway, it made me feel like home, and that's a good thing now and then.

be good out there, and enjoy the snow!!!


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Tuesday, January 20, 2004  

*Sigh* every New Yorker should have a night out at Bemelman's. I went to a wonderful art opening on the UES (thanks SRO!!) where I saw lovely old master drawings (at the Adam Williams gallery @50 E 78th st) and then went with a publishing colleague for my first ( I KNOW...FIRST!!) trip to Bemelman's at the Carlyle for drinks. We all know that for as much as I'm happiest in a pair of Wellies in Essex...I do love an old fashioned NY night out. My brilliant colleague took me to Bemelman's and we had a really good night out...with Martinis (pour Moi) and she drank Negronis...and listened to a fabulous trio play old standards like Skylark, Call Me Irresponsible, Paper Moon...etc. I love going to Little Italy, Chinatown and all around...but I have to's awfully nice to have a night out on the town with great art, great company and the classics. Can't be beat...and having been around...this was such a great night to just be out and enjoy being in NYC.

So corny as it time you go out...go to an old standard...Palm maybe...or Bemelmans or even might be a fabulous change of pace and you might LOVE it...and who knows...your destiny might even change. Never say never... not in Gotham.

Cheers gang...and know that I had a martini for each and every one of you tonight :-)

cheerily and somewhat sloppily yours...

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Saturday, January 17, 2004  

I guess the work week finally came to an end after all. *phew* The week did get a little better, although there are still some mammoth size problems, they can be overcome and I HOPE...really HOPE that they will convince everyone involved that we need to start some books sooner so we don't end up crashing every title. I admit to liking the energy that can be present when you are under pressure, but that gets exhausting if it is constant.

We had such a great girls night out on Thursday. Drinks @ Flatiron were delish (as always)! If you haven't been I highly recommend it...nice wine list and really good mixed drinks. Usually great old standards and jazz...sometimes techno dance music that is somewhat annoying...but always good drinks.

The ESB is green tonight...not quite sure why (as I'm quite certain that it isn't St. Patrick's then I would have missed my birthday!!!)

I guess I'm all over the place today...not much for cogent thoughts. It was warm enough to go shopping and such the market in Union Square (to get my favourite milk from Ronnybrook farms) and then the essentials. My knee was mangled whilst skiing over the hols so I didn't walk too much. I think there is a little piece of cartilege floating about in there that's inflaming EVERYTHING. It really doesn't hurt that much to walk, but once I stop walking...OUCH. I've been icing it and trying not to really over do the walking, but we all know that NYC is a walking I think I'll do my best over this long weekend to rest a little and stay off the offending limb/joint combo.

Right-o. I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday night...I'm going to be very busy writing flap copy tonight while having a good cuppa and wearing and warm fisherman knit sweater and fuzzy pink slippers. Quite a mental picture, isn't it???

cheers and stay warm out there...

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Tuesday, January 13, 2004  

It's only Tuesday and this week ever going to end??? Back to London, please...

Seriously, it's tough coming back after the you all realise. And in our office it's never an "easing into New Year"'s more "rushing headlong" into New Year. Art programs that suddenly became NIGHTMARISH...authors who apparently had their quarterly anxiety attacks over the holidays and wanted to be sure to share the love...foreign publishers who didn't have enough time off during the hols and now can't be found to check up on contracts. OY. And yes. this too shall pass.

We've got a superb list this spring, and we've had some nice little hits over the past few months, too. A little collection that I edited has garnered a starred review, copious amounts of nice press...and hopefully the gratitude of the author. It's nice to see good things happen when you've worked hard, the writing is good and everything comes together.

It could be an interesting season, not only with my usual responsibilities, but I'm adding a book that is so out of my area of expertise that who knows what might happen. I have to say it'll be interesting to see how I do out of my element and with an author who is brilliant in his own way, but one who writes about things I rarely read about. It'll be a learning situation for all involved, I suspect. Hmmmmm...

I'm looking out at the ESB and it looks so brilliant and white. When I was roaming about for the last few months I have to say I came to a new appreciation for NY. Minnesota will always be relaxing for me...and in so many ways....HOME. London is just the place where I feel most comfortable...not home...but so much the place where I am at my best. NY It's everything you love and everything you don't love in a teeming metropolis. I missed the falafel guy on 17th Street, my pals at work, the lovely flat I live in...all good things. The fact is, I think I forgot how lucky I am. There's more than one person out there who'd love to have the opportunities we have here in NY.

*sigh* Stay warm out there's getting cold (COLD even by Minnesota standards!!!) Brrrrrrr.

Cheers gang...

posted by moi | 13.1.04
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